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Internist, Board Certified Physician
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I am 32 years woman having problem with weakness of

Customer Question

Hello, I am 32 years woman having problem with weakness of my hands. I noticed few months ago for the first time when I couldn't open door with a key. Lately my hands feel very weak constantly especially when doing task like putting coins in the machine to buy a coffee I feel it very difficult to have a grip and don't drop the money. For many years I have problem with concentration and thinking I find it very hard to remember things and It often made me worried.
I have also problem with my feet and lower legs my legs are always tired and in summer they feel heavy and painful. My feet are feeling kind of painful in the morning like if they didnt rest while sleeping. I also have very red- almost purple toes when having shower and in summer when its hot. it makes me embarrassed to wear open shoes.I am 5"2 and i have 47.7 kg.I work as a nanny so I am pretty active.
Could you give me please any advice about my problems.
Thank you B.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Internist replied 2 years ago.
hi there,i am online and will be happy to answer your questions.thank you for your patience. I am sorry to hear your problem.there could be few things causing your problem, which need to be exactly diagnosed before continuing to treatment. this can be primary muscular atrophy.amyotropic lateral sclerosisvitamin B12 deficiency.multiple sclerosis you need complete physical examination by a neurologist, MRI of brain and spinal cord. plus minus nerve conduction studies, you should discuss possibility of abovementioned differential diagnosis with a neurologist and get further tests and examination to pin point the diagnosis and then proceed with proper treatment. i hope this helps. please let me know if you have any questions. thank you
Expert:  Internist replied 2 years ago.
hi there,do you have any questions?please click on accept / leave positive ratings if done for now.thank you Regards