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I have had two chlamydia tests the first was negative second

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I have had two chlamydia tests the first was negative second positive. I have only slept with one person so must have got it from them. Does the other person have to have contracted it during that time or could they have already had it considering I have been with them through that time
Dear customer, Thanks for your question. It is not necessary that the other person contracted it during that time from someone else, since that person could have been an asymptomatic carrier, and may have been infected many months or years before from a previous partner. Take care.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
But if he had been tested earlier in the year and that had come back clear does that mean he contracted it after so between my two tests as they were 2 months apart
Dear customer, Each test has its limitations and one of them is being falsely negative. Chlamydia test accuracy depends on the type of test used and the sample that is collected. Usually these tests are over 90 per cent accurate in picking up the infection. So it is possible that the test that he took earlier in the year was falsely negative. That is the test did not pick up the infection due to various factors and he must have been positive even then. However if it was really negative and accurate then he much have got infected after that. Take care.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
But if he did have it from the start would I have caught it earlier as it has been 7 months together
Dear customer, In that case it is more probable that he got it after his test. However still there is a possibility that he may have got infected earlier even though the possibility is low. Take care.
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