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I have lichen planus of my skin and in my mouth, lichen

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Hi, I have lichen planus of my skin and in my mouth, lichen sclerosis and hypothyroidism which has required a 5 fold increase in thyroid supplement in the last few years. All above confirmed diagnoses. I have had a chesty sounding cough for 3 years and chest X-Ray and asthmatic tests are negative. I am breathless going up stairs, I have tinnitus and now am experiencing some brain foggiest and short term memory. I have breast implants which have been in for 20 years. My last mammogram showed the presence of silicone in my left axillary nodes. I am now wondering if this could be attributed to my silicone breast implants.
Hello from JustAnswer. There are no clinical studies that indicate that silicone breast implants can cause the medical problems that you describe. There have been some individuals that say that they have developed autoimmune disorders from silicone breast implants that improved after the breast implants were removed, but these problems were not found to be significantly correlated with the use of silicone breast implants in studies of large populations of women that have received silicone breast implants. The usual recommendation would be to look for other possible causes for these symptoms. For the cough and shortness of breath and no evidence of lung disease, it would be appropriate to look for evidence of acid reflux. Tinnitus is most often related to an ear problem, although it can also be related to certain neurologic problems. There are many neurologic and systemic conditions that can affect cognitive function and short term memory. Has there been any evaluation for acid reflux?What evaluation has been done for the brain fog and short term memory difficulty?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes I am on lansoprizole for acid reflux which has been associated with a small hiatus hernia and some of the medication I am on, specifically Solifenacin 10mg daily and fluoxetine 20mg. There has not been any evaluation of the brain fog and sort term memory loss.
Thank you for the additional information. It would be appropriate to consider further assessment for acid reflux that is persistent despite the lansoprazole. It is also worth noting that there have been some reports of people having a worsening of reflux with solifenacin, o it also may make it harder to control acid reflux in someone in which it is already present. For the brain fog and short term memory difficulties, the firs step would be a neurologic examination. Blood tests to look for various metabolic conditions would be appropriate, including a general chemistry profile, complete blood count, vitamin B12 and folic acid levels, and a thyroid profile, if it has not otherwise been recently checked (I realize that your thyroid profile is probably being checked regularly because of the documented hypothyroidism). It may also be necessary to perform an imaging test of the brain, such as an MRI. If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your further advice. I am due my routine full blood count, fasting blood sugar and thyroid profile in March. Would it be helpful for me to consult an immunologist?
The evaluation that I discussed above is the usual evaluation that is initially done. If the above evaluation does not identify an underlying cause of the symptoms, then it would be reasonable to consult an Immunologist.
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