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Dr Uzair
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I have a small pea sized lump under my left rib, it's about

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I have a small pea sized lump under my left rib, it's about an inch under the last rib, the lump feels hard to touch and can only be fealt by pressing quite hard on the area it is not visible to the eye. The lump is harder to feel when lying down but can be fealt when standing. I have also been having some abdominal pain in this area.
Hi and thanks for the query,There can be many types of lumps in this area most likely it is sebacious cyst or lipoma that is collection of fat cells under the skin, both of these are benign lumps . Any lump in the body should be properly investigated to rule out any serious condition. I would suggest you should get this examined by your physician so that proper diagnosis can be made and treated accordingly and timely.Let me know if you have further questions.Please do leave a positive rating by clicking on stars on top right corner.Wish you good health.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I've had around 6 abdominal examinations in the last 4 weeks and all have been clear probably because for each abdominal examination I've been lying down and you can't feel the lump this way and it's not visible, only deep pressure on the area reveals the lump, I have an ultrasound scheduled for a couple of weeks time do I need to see someone before this? In the last 5 weeks I've had 2 blood tests, a chest X-ray, ECG, blood pressure checks & abdonial examination and all have come back fine. The fact that the lump is not prominent when laying down is this a good thing? Can sebaceous cysts or lipoma cause pain in that area and if so how is it treated? In cancers like Pancreatic and Stomach cancers is it likely to have a mass in that location but otherwise feel fine apart from some left abdominal pain? Also I had an clear ultrasound a year ago, if there was anything growing in this area would it have been picked up?
You should get ultrasound first before visiting your physician. Treatment of cyst or lipoma is surgical excision. Pancreatic and stomach masses have different presentations and they are usually palpable on abdominal examination. Next time you visit your doctor get it examined while sitting and on deep pressure. Ultrasound would have picked the lump if it was there a year ago.Let me know if you have further questions.Please do leave a positive rating.Best wishes.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Doctor, thanks for sending me the follow up email. I've been ok but still in pain in the same places, I recieved my ultrasound appointment today but it's not until the 8th of Feb 2016 so still got 4 weeks to wait.
Here is my story so far.
6 weeks ago I went to the hospital with left upper quadrant pain just on my last 2 ribs on the left side, that reached around sometimes to my front left and below, the doctors gave me a blood test, ECG, chest X-ray, checked my blood pressure etc, all fine, diagnosed me with an intercostal muscle strain. One week later the pain hadn't eased up and was getting worse so I went to my GP who diagnosed me with Costochondritis and prescribed me co Codamol 30/500. A week later still no improvement and increasing pain I went back to the hospital and spoke to a doctor who again diagnosed me with intercostal strain. On Boxing Day I was in agony, sharp pains in my stomach area and a little further down on the left side under my ribs at the front as well as the normal rib pain on the left on my side, we took more bloods and all was ok I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer or gastiritis, since then I have changed my diet completely, no fat, no alcohol, no fizzy drinks. It was that night that I realised the pain increases after I have eaten, either straight away or during and lasts up to an hour. The pains in my abdomen are very scary and sends my mind wondering for bad thoughts every time I get one. The doctors at the hospital advised me to follow up their findings with my GP, my GP put me on Esomprezole and told me to come back in a weeks time if no improvement and he would refer me for a scan. Then the other day I woke up with bad abdomen pains, I jumped into the car and went to A&E, the doctor there was brilliant but still no confirmed diagnosis, she tried to get me to have a scan today but due to low staff volumes over e Christmas period and I'm showing no signs that suggest it's an emergency she sent me back to my GP with her notes, we done the normal routine tests and checked my urine which was fine. I saw my I went back to A&E With the pain for the 5th time, we done all the normal checks and a urine test which was fine, the doctor advised i would need to speak to my Doctor regarding the pain and get a scan booked. My doctor again performed a phyisical exam which was all normal and told me that he had referred me for an Endoscopy & and Ultrasound.
Here are my symptoms
Pain in bottom left ribs on the side (Probably main symptom that's been there from the start)
Sharp pain in left upper quadrant
Pain under left ribs
Pain instantly after/during eating (Dont get this anymore since changing diet)
Sharp pains in stomach upon waking but has been better this last week
Constant dull ache left side
I'm on a low fat diet, no alcohol and taking esomeprazole.
Other non spefic Symptoms
Fatigue (Probally because of the anxiety / depression)
1 Stone Weight Loss - (Probally because ive been on a low fat diet for 4 weeks).
2 X Blood tests - Fine
ECG - Fine
Urine - Fine
Blood Pressure - Fine
Physical X 8 - Fine
Chest X Ray - Fine
what could this be?