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Dr. Phil, MD
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There ive got myself in abit of a mess i took some herbs

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Hello there ive got myself in abit of a mess i took some herbs 6 months ago called fenugreek and tribulus. I took these for around 6 weeks and ending up with painful nipples along with no morning wood or libido. Ive panicked since then and taken clomid and arimidex at the advice of a friend which made everything worse. Ive been clean now four months but still have these symptoms. Im worried its for life. I have seen my doctor who has said ive buggered up my hormones and that i can take 6-12 months to sort. Please help james
Hi James.I totally agree with your doctor. Taking the clomid and arimidex definitely didn't help and compounded the issue.I agree that this is going to likely take several months to resolved. I would say 6-12 months is a fair estimate. Give it time my friend and have your doctor rule out other issues in the meantime. Get a full hormone panel (testosterone, thyroid, etc) as well as an examination to be sure.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello there again doc. Yeah ive totally learned from my lesson, the whole thing is completely ridiculouS. Im abit of a worrier naturally you see and instead of being patient i thought by taking a,b and c I would get normalised faster, but obviously the body doesn't work like that, i feel very silly about it all and it's been completely unnecessary. I have found the whole experience stressful especially being only 29. I was a very randy dog with erections most mornings before this began and all that has been completely voided. It has been going on 12 months because i just couldn't leave it alone with trying things out. Im very angry with myself for doing this and struggle to understand how ive got myself in this mess quite frankly. I haven't touched anything now 4 months and im doing plenty of cardio, etc etc. I thought I would have seen some form of normalisation by now. Do you believe a full recovery is possible? I don't want to be half recovered, i want to be my old self agai.

Yes, I am very confident a full recovery is possiblejust be patient.anxiety will make it worse
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks doc. I mean ive never done steroids and alot of people are able to recover from that which is much worse right?

cheers ***** ***** again

That is correct.You will recover.I'm quite sure of it
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