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My NHS GP says I have costochondritis. I have had a chest X-ray

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My NHS GP says I have costochondritis. I have had a chest X-ray at A & E two weeks ago. It started only on the left side and now is on both sides with even muscle soreness on right great. I am coughing which makes it worse and very painful. He is giving me nothing for the cough and nothing for the pain. It is severe pain and I cannot take a deep breath I have missed many days of work. The GP seems mildly developmentally disabled. What is going on? Should I ask for a referral to get some relief from a real doctor?
Hi and thanks for the query.Yes, by all means. Costochondritis is a serious and a very excruciatingly painful condition which requires very good pain relief, anti inflammatory medication, sometimes steroid therapy and hospital admission as well.You should start on Ibuprofen 400 mg thrice a day (OTC) yourself for pain relief, apply Ibuprofen liquigel four times a day with gentle massage on the chest and get a referral to an Internist or a GP that takes this more seriously and addresses your concerns.Hope this helps.I only get paid for my work on this website if you rate the answer by using the star system on the top of your screen. The conversation can be continued for related queries even after you have left a rating.Best wishes.
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