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On waking up in an armchair after a cooked meal, I felt very

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On waking up in an armchair after a cooked meal, I felt very strange (I can't be more specific than that) and was ready to use my 'panic button' but the effect quickly wore off and I was back to normal. A similar thing happened the following day (not after a meal). I had a TIA many years ago and am on anti-stroke tablets. Should I do anything about this?
Don Hinson (88 years old)
This is Dr. David
because you have had TIAs before, you should see a doctor and get blood testing and physical exam.
most likely this is nothing, but you don't want to miss anything.
sometimes at your age, after waking up and standing up, you can have low blood pressure for a second or two and you can loose orientation and feel strange for a second or two as your blood pressure normalizes
make sure when you stand up from an armchair or seated position, that you hold onto something and stand there for a few seconds to allow your blood pressure to normalize before you start to walk and move around.
you don't want to fall or faint from standing up and moving around too quickly.
when can you see your GP doctor again for an examination?
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