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Morning My daughter had her tonsils out a week and half

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My daughter had her tonsils out a week and half ago but last Tuesday she had a bleed went to hospital and she lost a lot of blood and had to have blood given to her we was in hospital 3 nights we was sent home yesterday but I'm a bag of nerves and would like to be if I could take her to see a doctor everyday to make sure she is ok I don't mind paying if that is an option
Hello from JustAnswer. To have her seen every day for the next few days is somewhat more difficult since it is now the weekend. You can try to contact her surgeon or her primary care doctor to try to arrange for her to be seen, but it may be difficult to contact her doctors on the weekend. If you cannot contact her doctors, then the other option would be to be seen in an Urgent Care Center or Walk-In Clinic, if there is one near your location. If she is otherwise not having any symptoms and she is only being checked to make sure that she is OK, it usually would not require that she be seen in the hospital. Is there any other information that would be helpful?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Could you not go private to see someone just for peace of mind
An Urgent Care Center that is part of the NHS would involve less cost. But if there is no Urgent Care Center in your locale and you can contact a private physician on the weekend, then it would be fine to be seen by a private physician. Either option would be able to provide peace of mind.
Can I provide any further information?
If I have answered all your questions, I will close out the question. If I can provide assistance for future questions, then I can be reached through my profile at
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