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Have newborn baby, just over 4 weeks old now. Feeding problems....

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Have newborn baby, just over 4 weeks old now.
Feeding problems.... Started off on breast milk but changed to formula due to personnel circumstances.
We tried SMA gold but he would vomit a lot back up, pretty much half his feeds. After a week or so we switched to Aptamil Reflux milk. This seemed to work as he would keep the majority of his feed down, only little bit of posseting and gained weight nicely.
However he would seem to have extremely bad wind, then after 10 days or so he became constipated, with marble like stools with small hint of blood.
We decided to switch yet again to Aptimal comfort on the theory would help with wind (colic) and constipation. 2 days later he has passed soft (ish) stools, but doesn't seem to keep much down again!!!!
My gut reaction is to switch back to reflux and if constipated in future give watered down prune juice?? please can you advise me
any other medical issues?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
he was 3 weeks prem and had jaundice but all fine generally
Yes, I would go back to the milk that he tolerated better and use something for gas like simethicone or natural gas formula for kids
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