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Dr Uzair
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There ive got myself in abit of a mess i took some herbs

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Hello there ive got myself in abit of a mess i took some herbs 6 months ago called fenugreek and tribulus. I took these for around 6 weeks and ending up with painful nipples along with no morning wood or libido. Ive panicked since then and taken clomid and arimidex at the advice of a friend which made everything worse. Ive been clean now four months but still have these symptoms. Im worried its for life. I have seen my doctor who has said ive buggered up my hormones and that i can take 6-12 months to sort. Please help james
Hi and thanks for the query,I would have to agree with your doctor here that it will most definitely take at least 6 months before the testes and the adrenals start to secrete your hormones normally again. The symptoms will become more subtle during that time. What happens is that steroidal medication fuse the capability of the body's glands to secrete their hormones and in lay man terms the glands become lazy, it can take about 6 months to 8 months to have them start working at their normal capacity again.Mean while, you should have regular follow ups with an Endocrinologist. Your PCP can arrange that for you.Hope this helps.I only get paid for my work on this site if you rate the answer by using the star system at the top of your screen.The conversation can be continued even after the rating.Best.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks. Am i likely to make a full recovery do you think?

Yes, you should. Since, you did not take the medication for more than 6 months but only for 6 weeks. If these hormones are taken for more than 6 months at a stretch the recovery becomes difficult. Please do leave a positive rating. Best.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Well I've never taken steroids, just the herbs, clomid and arimidex

Yes, I understand. These herbs and the medications you mentioned interfere with the normal regulation of endogenous hormones (body's own steroids) and suppress the glands.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

What worries me is I haven't left my body alone for 12 month. I have not taken anything for like months straight, when ive tried stuff to fix it its been a cpl weeks here and there I mean i only took clomid for two weeks

It will be alright if you give this time. And see an Endocrinologist as well.I only get paid for my work on this site if you rate the answer by using the star system at the top of your screen.
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