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Good morning. I applied heat to a metal that had been sprayed

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Good morning. I applied heat to a metal nut that had been sprayed with WD40. Subsequently, I have experienced mild discomfort in my chest, some wheezing in my lungs and a couple of chest infections that have needed antibiotics. Could I have breathed in some damaging toxic fumes?
Hello from JustAnswer. The amount of fumes that would have been present from spraying a single nut would not be sufficient to be damaging to the lungs because of toxicity. It is true that WD40 fumes can cause irritation to the respiratory system, but it would require a high level of exposure to cause that irritation. However, it is possible that someone could be reacting to the low level exposure, such as an allergy reaction. It also can cause a person to have increased sensitivity to other substances to which they are sensitive. In either of these situations, the reaction can cause inflammation of the airways that also could predispose you to recurrent infections. So, the exposure that you describe would not cause you to have breathed in damaging toxic fumes, but there could have been sufficient exposure to cause you to react either to the fumes or to other substances. In addition to the antibiotics for the acute infection, it may help to take medicines to control such reactions, such as an over the counter antihistamines. Inhaled steroids also may be helpful, but would only be available by prescription. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, that's most helpful. Can you just confirm, please, that your advice applies to fumes arising from burning the WD 40, which might change their composition from those when simply sprayed from the can?
Yes, that would include fumes arising from heating or burning the WD40.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Many thanks.
You are most welcome.