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Dr. Hasan
Dr. Hasan, Doctor
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Pain in right back above waist worst at night when laying on

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Pain in right back above waist worst at night when laying on it
Pain in right abdomen near groin we 7 times in 3 hours at night bowel opening 3 times loose but not liquid
Hi, Thanks for your question. I'm Dr. Hasan and I'll try to help you. Since how long this has been going on? What treatment you have tried so far? Is there any pain on pressing the area? Which antibiotic you have taken and for how long? Have you had fever? Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No pain when pressing area antibiotics is called Nitrofurantoin have had a bit of fever i have the pain in my back for quite a long time
Thanks a lot for your input. I am sorry to hear about your problem. I am going to address your primary concern but later you can ask anything you want. There seems to be more than one possible cause of your symptoms. The back pain can still be due to urinary tract problem or the other possible cause can be muscular spasm. The pain which gets worse on lying down is muscular. Urinary tract pain is never position related. I am suspecting urinary tract problem because of the increased frequency of urine you have. The loose stool you have can be due to something like a parasitic infection or irritable bowel syndrome. Don't worry; I will address your question in two aspects; what you can do yourself and what your doctor can do for you. As far as what you can do yourself is concerned in such situations you can try OTC tablet Aleve twice daily, massage the area with OTC Bengay gel twice daily, apply heating pad to the area, take OTC Metamucil twice daily and Tablet Pepto Bismol twice daily. All the measures are quite safe and will be helping you. If symptoms persist after 5 days, see your doctor, get back X rays, Ultrasound abdomen, urine culture and stool tests and after these tests your doctor will be able to reach to a diagnosis. I reassure you that there is nothing serious and you are going to be alright. I wish you good luck and that you get well soon. My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have received anything less, please reply back as I am happy to address follow-up questions. Kindly rate me when you are done. You can come back here to ask anything even after you have rated the answer. I will be glad to help you always. Regards
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