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I have a few areas of concern of which i noticed this a

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Hi, I have a few areas of concern of which i noticed this a few months ago.... I have sore glands (especially on 1 side of neck - which has a few under the skin lumps/boils?? with also an itchy rash in this area? I also have jaw ache which sounds like crunching with chewing or even when speaking/laughing...this is the other side!? hope you can advise
Lee (39)
Hi there.
Thank you for your question.
I will be helping you out with your concerns today.
I am sorry to hear about your problem.
Since how long are you having this problem?
Do you have any other medical problems?
Are you on any medications for anything?
Please let me know.
Kindest regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
roughly 3 months ago with the Jaw crunching and 2 months with itchy neck rash, under skin lumps!?
not on any other meds!?
Do you have a picture that you can show me of your skin rash on here.
Please attach a picture or two on here if possible.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
not able to right now but any ideas/options you can advise me with this!? cheers
Thank you for the additional information.
The bumps that you have are most likely lymph nodes which can be enlarged due to a skin infection or skin allergies or a viral infection, which are the most likely causes.
However lymph nodes or glands felt under the skin must always be evaluated further to make sure we rule out anything serious, which is unlikely in your case but must be considered and ruled out nonetheless.
So the bot***** *****ne is that this is most likely nothing serious but I would still like you to be seen to be on the safe side.
Let me know if you have more questions.
Please rate me by clicking on one of the rating options at your end when you are done asking as that is the only way I am credited on here for helping you out.
Kindest regards
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