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I'm a 31 yr old female. I have a number of ongoing / recurring

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Hi, I’m a 31 yr old female. I have a number of ongoing / recurring symptoms, which are now making me feel as if there is something VERY wrong. I’ve seen various doctors, for the various issues, but no-one is trying to link all the symptoms, they’re just treating them individually. I’ve stopped returning to the doctors now, as I’m wasting time with appointments when I should be at work / with my kids. The latest symptoms are new and are extremely annoying: my tongue is sore and swollen (width ways), causing it to have an imprint of my teeth down each side. EVERYTHING tastes like metal. As of last night I have a heartburn kind of feeling. I’ve never suffered with heartburn, so I’m assuming that’s what it is. In the last year I’ve suffered from all the following symptoms, and whilst they only seem to last a short while (fortnight or so), they do reoccur…heart palps (feels heavy, slows right down then speeds up, then norm). I had a 24hr heart monitor fitted a few months ago, everything came back ok. My hands get pins and needles regularly, dull ache, loss of strength and have been unusable at times. I’ve been tested for Carpal Tunnel (as had a baby in Jan 2015) and all was fine. My hair has been falling out / thinning and is in bad condition (although this could be due to the recent pregnancy). A big concern for me is my rapid and very noticeable weight loss, even though eating the same (I’ve lost about a stone in a month, without trying, and this was over the Christmas period!?)…whilst it’s a welcome symptom, I’m concerned it’s not right. I have dry skin (legs) and eczema type patches (neck / arms / hands / eye lids scaling up), I’ve never really suffered with noticeably dry skin. This year I’ve suffered with a lot of random nerve pain and aches all over body…not your standard aches and pains. I regularly have a dry sounding / hoarse sounding throat / cough doesn't clear it (people assume I'm hungover…but I don’t drink). Occasional double vision (probably due to eye slower than the other...takes milliseconds to catch up, but causes mild double vision)…before my pregnancy I was a generally healthy person. I should also add that at 7 weeks pregnant I was admitted to hospital, as doctors were worried about possible pancreas / gall bladder issues. I had an ultrasound and blood tests and was discharged a few days later. Nothing has come of that, although the symptoms persist. HELP!? :-(
Hyperthyroidism would explain all of these symptoms.
Then again, so would mercury toxicity.
You need comprehensive testing, and you have not listed all of your tests.
Low magnesium will cause most of these symptoms, it needs to be at least 2.5.
Gluten sensitivity [as opposed to celiac] can cause all of these symptoms.
There are many such conditions that contribute, most of which are easily missed. Autoimmune problems for example.
The Institute of Functional medicine has trained several groups of UK physicians in the past several years.
I would contact the IFM and get a referral, as these doctors will do all appropriate measurementsl.
They are particularly good at looking at underlying disease mediators, and this is what is needed when there is no clear diagnosis, as in your case.
I am a double board certified clinical doctor.
Find me anytime in medical.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks so much for your prompt reply. They strongly suspected a thyroid issue / autoimmune issue, ran some blood tests, and everything came back "normal". They checked for Diabetes too. I've been tested for Celiac, but appreciate what you've said re: Gluten Sensitivity. I shall investigate your IFM suggestion too. Thanks again
You are welcome anytime.
Run a test called HLA DQ 2, 8.
If you have moderate high genetic risk, it is likely you have gluten problems.
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