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Here it is Dr Love .This is the info the Toy Company sent

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Here it is Dr Love .This is the info the Toy Company sent to me today .
They are either Polypropylene (PP) or are Polyethylene (PE). Both are inert non-toxic polymers.I just wasn't sure what polymers were ? And just wondered if you knew and to check there ok as I did with the BPA if that's possible ?Many Thanks ,Claire .
All plastics are polymers. A polymer simply means that the a basic unit is repeated multiple times (hundreds and thousands of times) in a sequence to create a much larger molecule. With polypropylene, the repeating unit is propylene, while with polyethylene, the repeating unit is ethylene. However, the issue is more than what is the primary polymer. The issue that you are seeking an answer to is whether there are small amounts of BPA or other similar compounds in the plastic so that it can ease your anxiety and fixation. The polyethylene and polypropylene will usually not contain BPA, but did the company make any comment about whether this particular tag contained any BPA?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No they didn't I have asked in regards ***** ***** as there was no mention of it ? Should I ask if there are other compounds as well ?
Thank you for the clear explanation . Is this a type of plastic that will cause inflammation or fibrosis ? Or is it possible that the body would break this type of material down at all ?
Many thanks .
If you specifically asked about it and they did not say that it did, that is a good sign that it does not, which is also consistent with the usual fact of polyethylene and polypropylene. The body will not break this down, although it will almost always be passed as we previously discussed. All foreign bodies that are retained in the body can cause inflammation or fibrosis. It is a function of the healing system of the body, not a characteristic of the foreign body.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok thank you . So does the body then wall off this item after the inflammation and fibrosis has occurred to stop it continuing ?
The fibrosis is how the body walls off a foreign body.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Oh ok I see sorry all this medical talk is confusing .
So then does the inflammation an fibrosis stop once it is walled off ?
And at least with the materials thy I now know are in the tags aren't any more of a concern would you say ? And even if there were BPA or like materials it would till be classed as a negligeable amount wouldn't it anyway .
Further inflammation or fibrosis may occur, but it varies.There is no concern because of the material, but there was no concern in the first place, regardless of material.We addressed the negligible amount of BPA in our prior discussion.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok thank you and is it safe to think even if this inflammation or fibrosis did occur it's not the type that can cause cancer ?
i keep trying to re assure myself that for one I don't know that she definitely swallowed anything and if she did it will likely pass . Also if it did retain and not cause symptoms this is not a concern as this inflammation type cannot cause cancer . And hopefully this fact will not change with future research .
Is this all correct to think in this way .
Now you are asking for a repeat of information that we already discussed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok . I kind of likened it to when my friend had an abnormal smear . She had to have laser treatment but then the scar tissue caused her problems which needed treating . Is that what fibrosis is .
Scarring is a type of fibrous tissue, but the scarring after a procedure has nothing to do with the situation with your daughter.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok then thanks .
You are welcome. Please provide a positive rating so that I am credited for assisting you.
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