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I am feeling unsure of the advice that I have been

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Hello, I am feeling unsure of the advice that I have been given. I am currently with Dr.Roberts who has diagnosed Parkinsons, it is slowly progressing but meetings consist of discussion . I have been prescribed azilect one a day Sinemet as an option but with potential side affects which I have chosen not to take. However I notice that my symptoms are increasing. My appointments are consistently being cancelled from march to may, which will probably be delayed again. My last meeting resulted in light conversation. maybe you could advise another Neurologist or quell my concerns as to the need to do something . I would have hoped that there might be a more positive action to slow down the parkinsons symptoms. Your advice will be most appreciated
David Sallon
Hi and thanks for the query,I agree with you, you need to see a neurologist for adjustment of dose and you can start taking sinemet as advised as your symptoms are not controlled with single drug. Taking coenzyme Q10 slow progression you can discuss this with your neurologist. In addition small life style changes can help you a lot. Take several cups of green tea a day, take multi vitamins specially vitamin E and C, eat well balanced diet, regular exercise can help you a lot.Let me know if you have further questions.Please do leave a positive rating by clicking on stars on top right corner.Wish you good health.
Let me know if you have further questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your response. I must admit that your remarks were very minimal and offered very little direction other than to see my Neurologist. I Realize that there is no cure for Parkinson's yet, but I am told that there is a great deal of development . to combat it. but I haven't discovered what. My Neurologist speaks of masking the symptoms but I do not want it to envelope my whole being without trying to stem it at its source. If you are unable to give me some guide lines. Please say so.
Thanks for reply,
Another option for you is surgery that is deep brain stimulation. Deep brain stimulation (or DBS) is the main type of surgery used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's. It's not a cure, but it may help to control your movement symptoms. It may also mean that someone has to take less medication, which can reduce the risk of medication side effects, such as involuntary movements .
Let me know if you have further questions.
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Best wishes.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your quick response. Realizing that I am in the relatively early stages of Parkinson's, . The question is
(a) DBS a recognized and fool proof way of eliminating or eleviating the symptoms (b) Can it have short or long term repercussions. (c) is it a recommended safe alternative to consider at an early stage,before the condition becomes seriously debilitating. The thought of this disease wracking my body is not pleasant and if I can find a way of delaying the process may be as if searching for the end of a rainbow. But so far I have not found a solution by which to delay the inevitable conclusion. I hav e now m been able to bring forward my appointment with the Neurologist, which no doubt will result in just another chat. , and maybe that is all he will be able to offer !!Your further thoughts will be most apprieciated.