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I'm in a lot of pain under my right side, my tummy is so

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Hi I'm in a lot of pain under my right side, my tummy is so swollen and my skin is itching all the time. When I bend over the pain is unbearable, my doctor has told me that I have a cyst which has got a lot bigger, I'm told there's nothing that can be done. But to be honest I'm so unwell I don't think I can go on much longer. Is there a private consultant that I could see, my neck glands are so painful and my right shoulder is painful,I'm so tired and I'm look pregnant, and at 62 this is unlikely. Please please can you help me.many thanks.Annie.
This is Dr. David
there is always something which can be done
if there is a cyst under the skin which has gotten bigger and is causing you pain when you bend over, you can see a surgeon who can remove the cyst with a small surgery or drain the cyst with a needle to decrease the size.
you might need an ultrasound of the area to check for enlarged gall bladder which can cause pain in the right upper abdomen. sometimes an infected or inflamed gall bladder has to be removed with surgery to decrease pain.
you might have too much stomach acid in your stomach which can cause pain and inflammation in the right upper abdomen. sometimes stomach acid reducing agents like omeprazole or nexium or protonix or zantac can help decrease stomach acid and decrease pain.
there are private doctors and private surgeons in UK who will see you and can order tests and treat you.
your right shoulder might need a steroid injection or an MRI scan to look inside to check for arthritis or pinched nerves.
there are many private doctors in the UK and London
let me know if you have other questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This cyst is in the liver.
I see.
you still need an ultrasound to see how large that cyst is
most small cyst in the liver don't cause pain when you bend over.
it may not be the cyst causing you pain.
you need blood test to check your thyroid hormone levels. abnormal thyroid hormone levels can cause weight issues and itchy skin.
you might need an abdominal CT scan to check your full abdomen
you might benefit from an upper endoscopy scope procedure to look down into the stomach to check for inflammation and stomach ulcers if you have excessive stomach acid production.
so there are things you can do
get a copy of that scan report which shows your cyst enlarging.
I would be happy to review with you the results of that scan report.