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Dr. Phil, MD
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After two operations of lower bowel, I am left

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After two operations for prolapse of lower bowel, I am left with a sort of IBS. I also have diverticular. I have leakage and incontinence. I am trying to find out if a diet would help as I have two or three days of little happening, then a whole day of continually going to the loo with loose (not diorrhia) and is preventing me with travelling or making plans. I have a good healthy diet now, with enough roughage and just do not know where to turn to. My GP has failed to help. Please advise. I am an otherwise healthy 83 yr old female.
Thanks for this question Helen.I'm Dr. Phil and I'm ready to help.I'm very sorry you are having this troubleThere is a diet called the FODMAP diet that is EXCELLENT for IBS symptoms.I will provide a link would also consider taking citrucel. This is a stool bulking agent that helps with leakage and incontinence.Finally, a probiotic like culturelle might help.Make sure the GP has worked up other issues like celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease as well.A visit to a GI specialist might be in order
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your advice regarding my problem. I am planning to keep to a strict diet and hope that gives me some help to enjoy my life.