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I suffer from my migraines and I have seen a consultant once

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I suffer from my migraines and I have seen a consultant once I am on medication but my symptoms seem to be getting worse, I had wet myself Sunday and had numbness Monday night we called 111 and technicians came out, it passed and I stayed at home on Tuesday I had a CT scan at the hospital after work got worried when I went blind in my right eye but this did pass and the Scan was clear I have also had MRI scans in November which were clear on Friday I had a seizure out with some friends and lost the feeling in my body on my right side I couldn't talk or move, it lasted for ten minutes when it started to come back I struggled to speak after 20 minutes though I was back to normal, I had nothing to drink however and have spent the whole weekend feeling as though I had to much to drink, and today I struggled to get dressed I couldn't remember my underwear how to put it together, I had to ly down and start again about half an hour later I got really confused, I have cut out coffee, chocolate, I am dairy intolerant so no cheese anyway. Please help because I feel like the nhs don't care and I can't keep turning up to be told it's just a headache I feel like such a time waster
This is Dr. David
if you are having seizures, you need to see a doctor and get an EEG and consult with a neurologist.
topamax is a medication for migraines.
I hope your MRI scan of the brain was with IV contrast.
you might have to see a private neurologist if you can't get in with a NHS neurologist.
was your brain MRI scan with IV contrast?
you might need to be on antiseizure medications if you are having seizures.
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