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KarayanMD, Board Certified Physician
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Experience:  Board Certified Neurologist with Subspecialty in Clinical Neurophysiology. Private Practice.
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I hope you can help me as I am very anxious and getting upset

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I hope you can help me as I am very anxious and getting upset as I think its me my elderly mother has been home from hospital for two years now after being on a ventilator with lots of infections and discovering she has now got heart lroems. She is doing very well and is on life term medication. The thing is she seems lime a different person, she is no longer the affectionate, loving mum she used to be and she gets aggressive (verbally not physically). She has been checked for dementia but has been told she doesn't have this. I am her full-time carer so it is very upsetting. Please help. Kind regards ***** *****
Hi. Thank you for your question. I am a board certified neurologist in the U.S.Has your mom seen a neurologist?
When an elderly person suffers from multiple infections and difficult hospitalizations, this is shown in some cases to result in cognitive problems which can include memory issues and sometimes personality changes. In some cases, these problems may not improve. If they do not improve, there are medications which can be used to help, such as antidepressants for agitation issues and depression or anxiety, or memory pills may be tried if there is memory loss.
A brain scan such as MRI or possibly CT Scan may be needed to make sure there are no major problems with the structure of the brain, and it also may be a good idea to have blood work checked for her kidney and liver function, thyroid hormone, and vitamin B12 level, as a couple routine tests.
I would strongly recommend that your mother see a neurologist or if not possible a specialist in elderly patients (geriatrician) to make sure she is getting the proper evaluation and treatment. I would not give up hope as this likely something that can be done to improve the situation you are dealing with.
Hopefully this has been helpful. If so, please rate me highly! Bonuses are always appreciated. Best wishes and let me know if there are any other questions.
Have a good day and good luck.
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