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Dr. D. Love
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Experience:  Family Physician for 10 years; Hospital Medical Director for 10 years.
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I am a male and of 27 years of age having digestive problems

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I am a male and of 27 years of age having digestive problems and have been for over a year or so. For a long time now I have been a IBS sufferer (both constipation and diarrhoea) controlling hard stool and soft stool has been recommended to be avoided, I have tried Ispagula Husk, Buscopan, Probiotics, Senokot (not all at the same time). I trialled some of these for a while then stopped and tried something else. Currently I’m taking nothing and haven’t been for 3 months.
Dealing with IBS is one thing and can be controlled but my problem is, and this is what can’t be controlled is the digestive sounds. It is very embarrassing very loud and starting to get very frequent and louder. I Work in a quiet office and I’m now known as “that guy” as you can imagine it has a huge effect on my life, it’s not psychological as everyone hears it and those close to me tell me all the time. I try to relieve gas as much as I can in my free time. I’ve completely excluded Wheat, Sugary/fatty foods and lactose from my diet. I have been following the FODMAP diet for a month now and I’m still getting these loud noises from mainly my intestines. I get very loud rumbling in my stomach when I’m hungry (more then the normal person) and it’s squeeks and bubbling and rumbling in both my large and small intestines. I have done X-Rays, blood test, urine and prostate. These have come back normal apart from IBS symptoms which have shown on the X Ray.
Please help? I’m desperate
Thank you
Hello from JustAnswer.I am sorry that you are having so much problems.Have you tried taking any medicines specifically for gas?If so, what have you tried?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi i have tried Windezee doesnt work also peppermint capsules
Thank you for the additional information. There are several interventions that may help to relieve a noisy GI tract associated with IBS. Certainly, interventions to help ease the muscular contractions associated with IBS may help reduce the noise, but you have already tried the interventions that are most likely to help for this approach. The other approach that may help would be interventions to relieve the gas and bloating associated with the IBS. The Wind-eze/peppermint are fine to try, but since they did not help, there are a couple of other interventions that may help. Another intervention that is widely available over the counter is simethicone. Simethicone is better at relieving upper GI gas, but is less potent at relieving gas in the intestines. Another over the counter medicines that I have found more effective for my patients with intestinal gas is activated charcoal, such as in CharcoCaps. This product is also over the counter, although not stocked in every store, so can be hard to find. The other consideration that is sometimes used in people with IBS and stubborn symptoms would be a course of antibiotics that is oriented to killing overgrowth of germs in the gut, such as rifaxamin. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the in deph information can you please advise how i would go on getting prescribed to a course of antibiotics. Plus out of curiosity have you come accross patients with similar problems as my self? and did Simethicone and charcoal help.Also i forgot to mention is a few weeks ago i had upper abdomen pain and i went A & E and the doctor reckons i may have gall stones they diddnt show on the x ray but i have been booked in for an ultra sound on the 5th of Feb. Would you recokon my current symptoms may be associated with gall stones by any chance?Thanks for your help doctor :)
Your regular doctor can prescribe a course of antibiotics. I have had many patients with IBS that have had a variety of gas symptoms, including noise similar to what you describe. While simethicone has helped some of the patients, they have had greater success with the activated charcoal. Gallbladder disease can cause intestinal symptoms indirectly because of irritation of the intestines from the diseased bile. This will most often cause diarrhea, but it can cause gas discomfort or increased noise. Statistically, it is much more likely that it is due to the IBS, but yes, it can be due to gallbladder disease.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the info doctor. I have just checked onlineand Windezee’s active ingredient is simethicone and this is something that I have tried before, unfortunately it hasn’t helped, I will however go out and buy another box and see what it does for me and try it with the charcoal and see what happens. Any idea on how long I should try this course of medication before I give up? Can I also ask is simethicone and charcoal to relieve wind by passing gas or is it to reduce the gas being produced. I have too much wind. If this does not work is there any other recommendations you can offer as I am running out of hope? What are your thoughts on probiotics?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm on amazon and i'm about to order myself some charcoal tablets please see link below this recommended, it seems to have alot of positive reviews.Can you advise how i should take these, 1 or 2 a day? or Before or after meals?
These work by counteracting the gas, and the charcoal, in particular, will adsorb (not absorb) the gas, and then the charcoal with the adsorbed gas will be passed in the stool. It is not important to understand the difference between absorb and adsorb, but it is sufficient to know that it counteracts the gas so that it will pass without causing symptoms. Patients will usually notice improvement over a couple weeks. Probiotics are a reasonable intervention for IBS, but I did not add this suggestion because you said that you have already been trying the probiotics. Yes, this product on amazon is another formulation of charcoal that can help. Each product will have varying amounts of charcoal, so you should follow the instructions on the label, and for this product, the recommendation is to start with 2 pills after each meal, three times per day.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok thank you Doctor you have been very very helpful I will be sure to leave 5 stars One final thing before I let you go and please be completely honest with me. Does this ever go away, its been a couple years now and it seems to me that I’m going to have to live with this embarrassment for the rest of my life, taking the IBS into consideration would these noises if left untreated go away over time? Would I be able to live a normal life with a normal diet without having digestive issues. Is there such thing as someone cured from this over time taking into consideration I have an improved diet.
Every pattern of symptoms can be seen with IBS. There are some people that can have problems for months or a few years and have spontaneous improvement. This is particularly seen in people that develop IBS after an acute illness, such as an infection of the gut. Most cases of post-infectious IBS will spontaneously improve. There are others that have have chronic symptoms for the rest of their life, and then others with many patterns between these two. Some people can have intermittent symptoms, with long periods of symptoms interspersed with long periods without symptoms. This variable pattern will apply to all of the symptoms of IBS, including the constipation, diarrhea, and gas symptoms. So, yes, it will go way in some people over time, but it also may not. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the pattern that will occur in any specific individual, so we can only address the symptoms that occur in the pattern that they occur n each individual.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Doctor! I promise one last thing. I weigh approximately 10 stones and am 5ft 9 tall and I seem to have a little pot belly. I’ve been a very skinny boy all my life and found it impossible to put on weight, but recently my weight has been quite increasing. Ever since I started to get a belly (2 years I would say) this digestion problem has been getting worse. Has it been proven that cardio helps with wind and IBS, or any exercise as a matter of fact. Because to be honest with you I get absolutely no exercise at all. I work in an office I get public transport to work and a flight of stations stairs leaves me out of breath.
Actually, exercise has been shown to help promote healthy GI function in many clinical situations, including IBS. Some of the benefit of exercise on IBS is likely a direct effect on the GI tract, but there also may be benefit related to the exercise effect on decreasing anxiety, and anything that decreases anxiety would be expected to help IBS. Even if you can only initially start performing modest exercise, it may help, and then you can try to gradually increase exercise, as tolerated.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That makes perfect sense, i think anxiety are my biggest demons in terms of this problem.. Once i can overcome that then hopefully my brain will give better signals and messages to dealing with this. Thank yo so so much Dr Love, you gave me a little more hope.All the best
Take care