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I am Male years old. I am relatively active as far as degenerative

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I am Male 69 years old. I am relatively active as far as degenerative facet joints and Myodil Induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis will allow me, and live a full life. I have 30% kidney function which is regularly monitored. I exercise by swimming and have good blood pressure.
I was diagnosed with a Kidney Stone a year ago although I was not aware of it and have experienced no pain or problems to date. I was due to have a Lithotripsy before Christmas, but this was deferred for further Radiographs to see how close the stone is to an abdominal aneurism. I am due to see the consultant again tomorrow. I have been told that if the walls of the aneurism have become calcified, it is possible that during the proposed 'zapping' of the stone, if a piece breaks off and hits the wall of the aneurism, it may pierced.
I have been taking statins regularly since they were prescribed for me in 2004,although I had the dose reduced two years ago, but I am now concerned following a recent Sunday Express article reporting medical research suggesting they may accelerate the hardening of the arteries. Could the 'zapping of my stone similarly puncture an artery?
I am also concerned that my MIAA may be adversely affected. Is this possible? Would a Kidney Stone operation also cause adverse effects on my MIAA?
I should be very grateful if you could advise me.
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This is Dr. David
the best way to tell how close the kidney stone is to the abdominal aortic aneurysm is to get an abdominal CT scan with contrast.
that will tell for sure.
you should be drinking plenty of water and fluids to try to push the stone out also by urine.
how large is this kidney stone? it must be large if it is not passing on its own.
it doesn't sound like you have had a CT scan yet?
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