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Many years ago my Aunt Anne happened to be visiting and one

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Many years ago my Aunt Anne happened to be visiting and one Sunday
morning I came home to find her sitting, talking in the kitchen with
my mother and grandmother. After a while my Aunt Anne broke wind and
at first I thought that's all it was. However, she carried on doing
smelly farts and I soon realised that she needed a poo and badly. I
was too polite to say anything about it and so were the others
present. As time passed by she was farting nineteen to the dozen
whilst remaining as cool as a cucumber from the waist upwards. The
smell and noises coming from under her skirt were powerful to say the
least. Oh boy, she was really a smelly girl! Luckily it was more the
'stewed veg' variety
than the 'rotten egg' one.
This carried on for about half an hour and just as I thought Aunt Anne
was about to poo herself she got up, said "Excuse me," and hurried to
the outside toilet which, luckily for her, wasn't too far away. As
luck would have it, Aunt Anne managed to get to the loo in time and,
barely making it, narrowly avoided an accident.
Whilst she was out there my grandmother ventured the opinion that Aunt
Anne didn't 'go' as often as she should, a view with which my mother
agreed and which was understandable at the time, whether or not it was
strictly correct or not.
I remember Anne returning and washing her hands at the kitchen sink, a
little less thoroughly than I'd have thought the situation demanded,
as there was no washbasin in the then outside loo. That loo did have a
powerful flush which would effortlessly removed all evidence of her
visit. Although I never saw the results I'm quite confident that she
would have done a panful, not least of all because I have perfectly
just suspicion that she'd not 'done anything' on the #2 front for a
good two or three days. I also know that she would have dined well at
the house where she was staying. At least she made plenty of room for
her Sunday lunch that day!
Subsequently I've often wondered what it would have been like if she'd
left it a moment too long and messed herself. It was certainly a close
run thing though and I don't think she was far off having an accident.
Another thirty seconds would, I’m sure, have made a big difference. It
was the closest I've known a woman get to pooing herself whithout
actually doing it. I loved Aunt Anne very dearly though and this story
is in no way a criticism
of her.
This experience did have some consequences though. It left me with a
slightly specialist interest in women called Anne or Ann needing to go
to the loo. I know it's not logical but the idea formed in my mind
that holding until desperate was a very 'Anne' thing to do. Am I being fair in making that assumption or is it an infair assumption based on my own very specific experience.
any other medical issues?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dr Dr Phil. I don't really understand your response "any other medical issues?" It was more a moral/ethical question than a medical one but obviously your view on my experience would be welcome if you feel able to give it.
I must say that your story is very hilarious. I found myself laughing at your honest but quirky description of the situation.I think there could be a variety of reasons for this.Did it become a pattern that she would do this?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I think there had been an isolated incident a few years previously when she'd cut the brie. I know there were a few subsequent ones. Whether holding it in a pree poo farting was a regular habit with her I don't know but I suspect she wasn't inexperienced at it. I don't know for certain whether she ever followed through and had any full on accidents during adult life but if I think the balance of probability suggests it might have been the case.
Interesting. She could have had irritable bowel syndrome
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's certainly a possibility, Dr Phil. An alternative explanation might be that she enjoyed holding it. You may or may not have come across the phenomenen but some people do.
I suppose that is possibleI have not encountered this Can I ask why you suspect that?
Dr. Phil, MD and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Well she had a few desperate moments, including 'bursting to pee' ones too when I know she'd not been to the toilet for several hours despite ample opportunity to go. As a doctor you're bound to know that the muscles and nerve endings around sexual areas can also be stimulated by the need for excretion. Anyhow, thanks for your help.