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I have had a the upper left molar extracted due to an infection

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I have had a the upper left molar extracted due to an infection and abscess forming around the molar. I have been prescribed antibiotics for them. However for the past on going 4 days I have had pain in the left side of my head , almost as if it is my brain. It is a dull achy pain which does not subside even with a strong dose of painkillers. With these symptoms in the past 4 days I have also gone through double vision, stiffness of the neck a loss of balace, weakness of one side of my body, vomiting twice a day and an inability to speak at all at times.
The pain is a continous 8/10 and I have been to the emergency room but have been sent back with painkillers. However I have not had any sleep for the past 2 days because the non stop pain is unberable.
My opinion is that my infection in the tooth may have spread to my brain which potentially has formed an abscess on the left side of my brain which is giving me the dull achy feeling. Multiple people have had symptoms similar to mine after a localised infection to then be told it is an abscess to the brain or many of time it is too late.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The pain is continously aching and it will not leave I am also very concerned
This is Dr. David
if you think you have an infection spread to the brain, you should go back to the emergency room and ask for a CT scan of the brain and blood testing to check for elevated WBC count.
these tests would tell if you had an infections spread to the brain.
you should also ask for blood culture testing to see if the dental infection has spread into the blood causing sepsis.
stiffness of the neck which is super painful to look down and bend your neck can be a sign of meningitis
usually when infection spreads to the brain causes high fever as well.
what antibiotics are you on now?
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