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I have been having pain in my righ upper outer

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Hello ,
I have been having pain in my righ upper outer thigh when I try to put on my trousers or part my leg and rotate my pelvis especially inwardly for about 5 months or so , I have visited a general practitionor about 2 months ago who told me it was because of excessive weight ( BMI 34) then he prescribed me Ipuprofen , but I did not actually take them because the pain was not persistent , but now the pain is sharp and I feel it more in my right hip ( roughly the place which is normally used for injections ) , it gets worse normally by sitting but not always , please help me I am very worried because my brother died of Ewing Sarcoma when he was 20 , that is why I am very anxious about it .
Hello from JustAnswer. There are several comments that are pertinent in this situation. It is statistically far more likely that this is not from Ewing sarcoma. There are many different possible causes of musculoskeletal pain, and Ewing sarcoma is the cause of pain in a very small percentage of cases. In addition, the majority of cases of Ewing sarcoma are identified before age 20, so would be less likely to be first causing symptoms at age 27. However, while I can clearly say that it is statistically less likely to be Ewing sarcoma, I also realize that anyone that has lost a brother to Ewing sarcoma would naturally be concerned about this condition, and if there is persistent pain, it would be reasonable to perform imaging to be certain whether there is any evidence of a tumor. On the other hand, though, if the ibuprofen eases the pain, that would be strong evidence that the pain is benign and that there should be no further concern about Ewing sarcoma, because ibuprofen is usually not sufficient to stop the pain from Ewing sarcoma. So, if you have not been taking the ibuprofen, it would be appropriate to take them now. If the ibuprofen eases the pain, then you can be reassured that it is not from Ewing sarcoma. Even if the pain persists, it is statistically more likely that it is not Ewing sarcoma, but most doctors would typically perform imaging at that point to be certain. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your answer , actually the pain has never been constant only when I try to part my thigh it appears and that is the reason I have not taken Ipubrofen in this period however the fact that it has been there for five months worries me , do you still think I need to have imaging of the area?
It is not necessary to have imaging if you have not yet taken the ibuprofen. The pain with a specific movement only indicates what portion of the musculoskeletal system in involved, such as the muscles or tendons that move the thigh in that manner or the bone into which the tendons insert. But it is still most likely an inflammatory condition, rather than a tumor. So, it still would be appropriate to take the ibuprofen to see if the pain is relieved, and if it does, then imaging is not necessary. Imaging would typically only be needed of the pain persists despite the ibuprofen.