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I fell of my cycle when working mail,as its

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hello,i fell of my cycle when working for royal mail,as its repetitive neck work when sorting the mail the pain was so severe I had to go to the hospital and they said it was a hyper extension injury to my next as wasn't serious,after returning to work the pain eased but then returned,i was then sent for a mir scan that showed wear and tear,then after 12 visits to my phsyiopherapist at the hospital,the excercisies he gave me made the pain worse ,so after 4 and a half years I paid privately to see a physio,tested me and said I still had grade 2 whiplash to my neck,i had the accident in 2007 and now its 2016,i received no compensation as the hospital said there was nothing wrong,the same thing happened to my hips and legs,they said it was my hamstrings,but the private physio said I had quite severe sciatica,after all this time on esa benefits and failing the atos health check I now fell worse,do you think I should ask my doctor for a referral to see a neurologist,or go private,as last time I asked they said no as I wasn't showing up on the mir scan ,but obviously that has missed everything I have
Hello from JustAnswer. Yes, since the symptoms have been so persistent, it would be appropriate to be seen by a specialist. It would usually be preferable to first try for a referral within the NHS because of the costs involved, but if your doctor is unwilling to refer you, then it would be appropriate to consider a private consultation. I would note that there are several specialists that may be helpful. Certainly a general Neurologist can be helpful, but if there is a Spine Surgeon or a Pain Management specialist in your community, they would be able to offer more interventions to ease the pain than can a general Neurologist. If you have a full spectrum of specialists available to you, I would usually refer patients to a Spine Surgeon. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thanks,i am on tramadol hydrochloride at moment and take 8 50mg daily,but are not doing anything at all to reduce the pain,at this moment sitting on my sciatic nerve is to much pain after about 20 mins and then I have to stand to relieve this ,but standing only then makes pain go right round my hips and down both my legs,my heels start rapidly vibrating,i also have abit of spinal pain,do you think all these problems are related, thanks
You are having symptoms that are related to two sections of the spine, so there would also be two different anatomic issues to be able to explain both sets of symptoms. The injury that was sustained in the neck would not cause these symptoms affecting the lower back, hips, and legs (which is the sciatica that your physio mentioned). However, there can be degenerative changes in both the neck and the lower spine that is contributing to both sets of symptoms, so all of your symptoms could be indirectly related, but they would not all be directly related.