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My Dad has had a pain in his middle finger last 5

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Hi my Dad has had a pain in his middle finger for the last 5 months just below the nail an his not sure how it happened, it swells up slightly every day an then he has to burst it, an when he does that a clear jelly type liquid comes out, he has just taking pain killers for it, lately he has been using an infrared sauna an his been putting his finger near the bulb to try an see would heat help, an when he does that after he leaves the sauna his finger starts to tingle so I was wondering if the sauna is good for it or not? He's like a big baby an he wont go get it checked out.. Have you an advice on what it might be an what he should do? Thanks
Thanks for this questionThis is known as a ganglion cyst.It is common in the fingersIt needs to be surgically removed. I would see the GP and get a referral to a surgeon
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What do you get that from? He's 65. Is it dangerous? like is there a chance it would spread?
because of the location and what is coming out of itit is a classic ganglion