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My wife was proscribed nuseal asprin after having a stroke

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my wife was proscribed nuseal asprin after having a stroke 30 yeears ago we changed doctors last year and he reduced the dose of nuseal asprin to 75 ml and she is very worried she might get another stroke could you please help thank you
Hello from JustAnswer. The optimal dose of aspirin for prevention of stroke and heart disease is one of the areas of controversy in medicine, and guidelines offer differing opinions on the appropriate dose. There is some evidence favoring every dose from 75 mg per day to 1300 mg per day, but there are no good studies that directly compare the different doses of aspirin to determine the optimal dose. Some experts advocate that the lower doses are preferable to limit the risk of stomach irritation. Since even the experts in the field have different opinions, it is not surprising that doctors in the community also use different doses. In reality, it is most important that some dose of aspirin be taken. The issue of the optimal dose and the differences seen of the various doses in studies are minor compared to the difference seen between treated and non-treated groups. As long as she is taking aspirin in any dose between 75 and 1300 mg per day, she is getting most of the benefit. In my daily practice, if I start aspirin, I typically use 325 mg per day of aspirin, but if I see a patient that is already taking a lower dose of aspirin, I will not actively change it as long as that patient is doing well. So, she can be reassured that the 75 mg dose is in the range that has been shown to help reduce the risk for stroke and is one of the doses that is supported by guidelines and expert opinion. But any dose in the range of 75 - 1300 mg per day will be helpful, as long as she is taking aspirin regularly. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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