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I'm not sure if this is the pattern of event but I'm

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Hello . I'm not sure if this is the pattern of event but I'm putting forward as a reasonable hypothathis . At the age of around 9? I fell in the playground and scraped my nose to the bridge it took ages to heal . I mean months I remember my mum putting germolene on it every morning before school . It was visible for two school photographs , so two school years. Then at age 12-13 I developed a cyst in my gabela area, directly middle directly above my nose , not high not painful about the size of a dried pea and possibly as hard but not ( if that makes sense . Certainly not soft ) I was sent to see a consultant who prodded it and said it was benign probably fibrous . It would cause scarring to my face of it was removed . End of story , my mum and I left . Around the age of 19 I started to develop hyperpigmentation coupled with extreme itching. Around the same time I was told I had beta thalassemia trait , little was known then do it was assumed it was that . I got married , I developed numerous health problems Basiliar migraine bone problems it was discovered I had a kypho scoliosis spinal. Arthritis for animal encroachment. But still my skin broke out constantly like I'd been in a train crash massive lesions itchy it had spread total body I would itch constantly , I became convinced I had scabies but I had a creeping hyperpigmentation that I could vaguely keep under control with not lotion . My doctors had my down as neurotic . When my skin was really raw and unable to heal it was when the cyst would break . However taking out the. Granular deposits that ran in tiny little holes on the surface . When I remove them the hyperpigmentation goes. However my doctor had decided it was due to my picking was the cause !!!
I've changed doctor . The cyst healed I've had the hyperpigmentation . I've had my system poisoned with antibiotics then antifungals then had secondary infection as a result I have a repeat for elocon and metronidazole gel it does not wotk . Premithrin and iverzine works . My cyst has broken out . I've been referred to the cancer ward they found giant cells but no cancer end of . Give her predniserone . I don't use the elocon it exasperates it , I've tried to tell them that . Emla works benzoyl benzoate works .
I have gotten sick . I have bought fenbendazole and I am using it topically I am taking albendazole . I have been for a week . However it is coming away extensively layer after layer , however I look like a pound of badly wrapped meat . I no longer have a cyst , it is flat and gone . It appears I have layers and layers of false skin containing these granules that cause this hyperpigmentation. It is coming away everywhere torso legs feet hips neck . Shoulders . The think I am noticing is that it appears most over my bone .
I was also told around 12 years ago by a dentist while holiday ing in France . I had a " grand probleme" he X-rayed my jaw as I was in agony with my tooth showing no sign of problem . He also have me the treatment as a gift . When I returned to England I told my doctor he said go to my dentist . English dentists do not 3D image or did not then and besides the pain had subsided and I did not have a problem any more . End of my grand problem .
I believe I have had this what ever it is most of my life . I have self medicated . I've taken borax and honey every health fad alliicin diatonatious earth , slathered in coconut oil , Vaseline in earlier days . But there is not an antibiotic that works . Flukes such as when I've had anaesthetic may have but I may be clutching at straws . Aloe Vera also temporary .
Dimethycone . Applied constantly with have an affect eventually .
Can you help .
Yes of course I'm an educated woman . I've ruled out hemosiderin it's not hemosiderosis. It can be reversed in the moment if the granules are removed and sealed .
I have being that I have suffered for so long looked at everything possible . I have thought of the. Possibility of a micro bacterium but it is not fully supportive .
The only thing fully supportive is cutaneous lavea migrans . However would I not have cleared it at some point in history , is it able to go systemic .
Oh I forgot to add I have been to my local A+E 3-4 times eyes seocket , neck, face ,eyes tuned and gone black literally black . Advice " wow not sure maybe fungal and bacterial best to see your doctor . My mum took me and was dimbfounded .
Back to my question . Is it able to go systemic . Can I still have it . Assuming it is that . Is there anything else you can give me your expert knowledge on . That this could possible be . Please don't take this the wrong way . But I am not suggesting I have blue fibers coming out of my skin . ( probably genetically modified cotton plants hitting the markets illegally and mutating , if we are searching for answers , but not this one )
I have minute itchy granulomas that has migrated and has caused widespread pigmentatioion and sight damage
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 2 years ago.
Do you have a picture?
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 2 years ago.
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