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I need to know about post natal PTSD

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I need to know about post natal PTSD
Thanks for this questionHow can I help?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My daughter says she had PTSD When her first child was delivered . I think she may still have it. As I understand the baby was stuck too far down the birth canal for a c section to take place. The medics could not get him out. At one point the male medic had his foot pushing one the bottom of the bed trying to get enough force to remove the baby. Some how they did manage to get him out and both were fine. When she had her second child she was scared. She has also had a third child but whilst she was on the delivery ward she was so terrified of what might happen she had some sort of seizure. But all four 3 babies and my daughter are fine. I can honestly say my daughter has never been the same since that first delivery but I am ashamed to say I am only just starting to realise what the real problem is. I. Have researched PTSD and feel I have to tackle her about it. What I really need to know is how often does this sort of delivery happen. Was my daughter in real danger of losing her life. And was the baby in danger of dying.
Thanks for this questionYes, I think she does have PTSD. It is similar to any form of PTSD. A traumatic event keeps replaying itself in your mind. Her life probably wasn't in any real danger. The baby, however, absolutely was in danger She was probably more worried about the baby than herself. Then future deliveries, triggered the memories. This is very understandable. She does need counseling
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This is 10 years ago. How common is this problem. How should I approach her. I am thinking of saying I am so sorry I didn't realise why was happening.
Yes, just approach her with love and understanding. The rest will fall into place.I would say it is more common than people think
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you.
welcome :)