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Im a 36 year old female my serum iron is 23 ferritin 6.4 hgb 9.9 TIBC 465.000 transfer

This answer was rated: a 36 year old female my serum iron is 23 ferritin 6.4 hgb 9.9 TIBC 465.000 transferrin saturation 4.95 PCV 31 MCV 75.8 and MCH 24.2 and MCHC 31.9 i did a CBC 8 months earlier my hgb was 11.6 PCV 36 MCV 79 MCH 25.4 and MCHC 32.1..i used to have heavy periods but since april i noticed that my periods became serious cud this be ?and could it be colon or ovarian cancer or something of that sort?
Hello from JustAnswer. These lab are indicative of iron deficiency anemia. In a menstruating woman, iron deficiency anemia is generally not a serious condition and is not a sign that there needs to be evaluation for other disorders. Iron deficiency will only occur in adults in whom there is some blood loss, but the site of blood loss is obvious in a menstruating woman. It is true that in men and in post-menopausal women, iron deficiency anemia is a concern that there could be colon cancer present causing blood loss in the gut, but there is no similar concern in a menstruating woman, because the site of blood loss is obvious. The usual approach to iron deficiency anemia in a menstruating woman is what your doctor has advised - iron supplementation and monitoring. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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