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I think I might be pregnant

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I think I might be pregnant
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am on the pill, Microlite, but I was a day late starting my pack this month. My 7 day break ended and I was due to begin my next pack on Feb 13th, but I didn't, I started it on Feb 14th when I realised what had happened.My husband and I had been together on the 12th, the 13th and the 14th - the 12t would have been in my 7 day break, the 13th would then have been unprotected since we don't use condoms and the 14th was when i started my new pack.The last four days my breasts have been extremely sore, particularly my nipples, they have been peaked constantly for four days now. My breasts feel heavy and swollen although they haven't gotten any bigger as my bras still fit.Last week I also noticed that I was cramping quite a bit, almost as though I was due to get my period, even though I wasn't, I was only in the first week of my new pack.Finally, I've also noticed an increase in my appetite... I'm just a lot hungrier more frequently, and it's taking more to fill me than usual.I was just wondering if I'm imagining these things or if i could be pregnant - I'm still taking my pill as normal at the momentthank you for your time
It is unlikely that these symptoms are an indication that you are pregnant. It is true that missing a pill will mean that the birth control pills are not as effective as when all of the pills are taken on schedule. However, the amount of loss of effectiveness from one missed pill is relatively small. It is not true that the likelihood of pregnancy is the same as unprotected intercourse in a woman that is not taking birth control pills. Obviously, missing more pills will cause a greater amount of loss of effectiveness, but you need to miss many pills to be equivalent to a woman taking no birth control pills. So, it is possible that the sexual encounters on the 13th or 14th cold result in a pregnancy. It would be very unlikely that you would have ovulated on the first day or two of your cycle, but it is possible. However, if ovulation did occur and resulted in a pregnancy, the fertilized egg would not implant until a week later, or on the 20th or 21st or later. Symptoms of pregnancy typically do not occur suddenly upon implantation but may start several days later, so the timing of your symptoms do not correlate with several days after implantation. Therefore, it is unlikely that you are pregnant, although still possible. But the timing of your symptoms is not consistent with when implantation would occur, so it would be even more unlikely that these symptoms could be from any pregnancy that resulted from ex on these dates. It is fine to take a urine pregnancy test, starting about two weeks after the date of the sexual encounters, but the odd are great that they will be negative. If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
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