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I broke my neck in 2 places, called hangmans break. Could

Customer Question

I broke my neck in 2 places, called hangmans break. Could and I have and am really sure I have suffered brain damage where I broke it at home on Sunday, woke up Tuesday for a while, then woke up Thursday and finally called for medical assistance ie called Dr. out, actually begged him, he came 4pm gave x-ray form for hospital and said on way home go Chemist and buy a collar! I screamed all Thursda night for pain relief, none given, nurse let me have two cigarette, then woke up Saturday in Orthopaedic hospital where the fitted metal frame!
Is this why, say ten years later having been hit by a large plastic shop window, and had to turn really sharply and now my neck clicks, and sometimes people hear on left side but on right side clicks but no noise?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. Davidwhy won't your consultant doctors give you prescriptions for morphine?a neck fracture most likely would not cause brain damage, but can cause severe pain and severe pain can cause you to not think clearly.yes, after 10 years after a neck fracture, if you did not heal properly you can have clicking noises in your neck called crepituslet me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would love you to answer, but alas on £150 per week pension I cannot afford £36, so as usual the poor are left behind, you were the only Doctor I have spoken to who even knew the name of my neck clicking, let alone anything, they just I am afraid do not care! My neck only started last year when an accident caused something to fall on me! I live in fear, I don't like to the clicking it drives me nuts and why is this it for the rest of my life! How sad. The wont give me morpine as I would be a junkie, so 2 30ml codeine 3 x day will alleviate all pain, NOT, even Consultant for my osteoarthritis said I should be on morphine but my Dr. the compter says NO!
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
I see.I am sorry you are in pain.I hope the codeine takes some of the pain can also take some 200-400mg of ibuprofen along with the codeine which could help it work better for you to decrease pain.wearing a soft neck collar could help support your neck and decrease pain as welllet me know if you have other questions.if done for now, please leave positive rating above the chat box so I can get credit for helping you todaywe only get credit for helping clients after positive feedbackyou can always reach me with "a question for Dr. David" in the medicine or oncology categories if you have any other questionshere is my website if you need to reach me again: for using