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My father in law suffered severe headaches

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My father in law suffered severe headaches for weeks and he ended up hospitalized, he has lost a considerate amount of weight, he cant swallow food, he cant talk, open his eyes, difficulty in going to the toilet. And just recently he had a seizure? The doctors have advised there is no blood flowing in his brain, what could be the possible outcome?
Hello from JustAnswer. It is unlikely that there is no blood flowing in his brain, as that would be incompatible with life. Could they have meant that there was a portion of the brain that no longer has blood flow, which would indicate a stroke?If so, do you have the results of any test that showed the extent of the area affected by the lack of blood flow?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Unfortunately he is from Kurdistan and its hard to understand what the doctors have told the family about his condition, they may mean there is a certain portion of the brain that no longer has blood flow. If it was a stroke, would that not cause loss of feeling on one side of the body? From what they tell me, he has alot of pain in his head? 2 days ago his whole body started shaking, similar to a fit but they assumed hes having a heart attack?
A stroke would have varying symptoms according to which portion of the brain is affected. While a loss of feeling certainly can occur, there are many portions of the brain that can be affected by a stroke that would not cause a loss of feeling on one side of the body. Headache is common with many different strokes. Shaking can occur with a stroke. It is also possible that a true seizure can happen with a stroke, even if the stroke is not affecting the part of the brain that controls muscle function. But these associated symptoms do not indicate the severity of any possible underlying stroke. However, the exact nature of a stroke will determine the prognosis. A more severe stroke is much more likely to be life threatening. But a smaller stroke may cause many disabling symptoms, but not necessarily be life threatening. Without more knowledge of exactly what was meant by the absence of blood flow, it is difficult to give accurate information of the prognosis, but it certainly can be said that in the more severe cases, the condition would be life threatening. If you can obtain more clinical information, then I can provide a better comment.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I understand. I will try to obtain more information. The doctors have transferred him to a hospital in Iran, but even they don't seem to understand what is going on.Are there any tests i can ask them to conduct to help them understand what to look for?
The primary test to assess the size and severity of a current stroke would be a CT scan of the head.
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