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I wonder if you could help please. I have always had

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I wonder if you could help please. I have always had some concerns about my sons behaviour. He is now almost 7 years old. At 11 months old he was admitted to hospital with a febrile convulsion and diagnosed eventually with suppurative otitis media, mastoiditis and right sigmoid sinus thrombosis. He was hospitalised for three weeks though continued to receive medication for many months thereafter. There was no neurological deficit during the admission to hospital.
His behaviour briefly is one of inattention, irritability appearing sometimes to be hyperactive, very immature emotionally and in his behaviour. I think he lacks some social skills for his age group and seems to have some sensory issues and possibly auditory processing issues. His hearing tests have been fine despite his early difficulties. Whilst he is now largely settled at school and academically and intellectually doing well, he had a very difficult first year. I have had some support to manage his more challenging behaviours and recently a course leader at a group he attends asked me if he gas been diagnosed with adhd. He struggles to stay on task, struggles with attention and opts out of group games.
I have always been concerned that his earlier health issues may have caused some long term neurological complications. Is this possible in your opinion and if so, how should I take things forward?
Febrile seizures or ear/mastoid infections do not cause neurological complications. ADHD may be as high as 11 percent in the population. So certainly you should have him evaluated. Start with your pediatrician and request to begin an evaluation. Also ask at school
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It was more the thrombosis that I was concerned about? Is that likely to have caused any deficit.
You noted no neuro deficit at that admission so not likely And what you describe is not likely related to that.
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