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Dr.Amita, Doctor
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Experience:  MD.Extensive knowledge of medicine.Faculty at a leading tertiary care teaching hospital.
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Erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction
Dear Norman I am going to assist you with your problem today.Do you suffer from any other disease or do you take any other medicines?Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Medicines taken:-omeprazole, monolin, Bestatin, Apolets, Ferli, Enapril, modulectick.
I have, recently, been diagnosed, within the past month, as suffering from Osteoporisis.I must state that I, now, live in Thailand
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have, recently, upped my Generic Sildenafil 100mg dose to 150mg, by adding half a tablet, with partial, not full satisfaction.
Thanks for your reply.You should avoid using Sildenafil as you are taking nitrates which are contra indicated with Sildenafil.Monolin contains isosorbide mononitrate which should be avoided with sildenafil.If you have to take sildenafil it should only be under medical supervision.There are other methods to treat ED without using Sildenafil or similar drugs.You may consider using Alprostadil which can either be injected or can be used as a urethral suppository.Injections are given at base of penis to get an erection which can last for about an hour or so.Urethral suppository is available by the name of MUSE.Injections come by name of Caverject impulse,edex.You may also consider using vacuum pumps to attain erection if you are not comfortable using Alprostadil.This is my initial answer.Please reply for any clarification.
Dr.Amita and 2 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear Dr. Anita,
Are you able to prescribe MUSE, please.
Yours sincerely,
Norman J Barnes.
Dear NormanWe cannot prescribe any prescription medicine on this online portal as law requires that you be seen in person to get a prescription of a prescriptiopn medicine.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I see from my web sights there are many penis vacuum pumps available, some very expensive and some remarkably cheap, and within my price range.Are all of these machines, suitable for a 79 year old man, also I see many of those available in England, cannot be exported to Thailand, where I live. Do I have go to America, or do I try and shop locally.How safe and reliable are the less expensive ones.Sincerely,Norman
Dear NormanYou will need to be seen by a urologist who can examine you and advise the proper type of vacuum pump suitable for you.You can see a local urologist at your place of current residence for this.