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I had a drug induced mental break a week ago. Complete breakdown,

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I had a drug induced mental break a week ago. Complete breakdown, lost the plot for a few hours. Since a few
days after ive been havin psychotic delusions and severe anxiety attacks. Its now been a week and seems to be getting worse.
Am going to see a specialist this monday but
I did not get your complete post.This is what I got: "Am going to see a specialist this Monday but..." Can you please finish what you wanted to say or ask.Please let me know.Regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
But i dnt know if i can cope until then. Im generally ok in the mornings, but things trigger me as the day goes on and by the end up just a shaking wreck.
I went hospital last night, waited 4 hours just to get handed a promethazane to help me sleep as i generally cannot sleep.
I keep having flashbacks to the trip and think im having PTSD from it. Once the psychotic thoughts get a grip of me its hard to shake them. Do u think this might get better without anti psychotics? This was 100% drug induced, mxe it is similar to pcp, never had any mental issues until this. Im scared its gonna effect me forever, and im worried how im going to cope today and tonight.
Please send me your phone number so that I can call.Thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm not sure where you are based, but i'm uk, my number is ***** 79404 73492, thanks
I am sorry, I was away when you gave me your contact number.Should I call you now?Please let me know.