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Evening, I have had 1 emergency c section in 2014. And 1 c

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Evening, I have had 1 emergency c section in 2014. And 1 c section in nov 2015 due to baby stuck. I have a terrible over hang , lost abit of weight walking etc. My problem is my scar is still not healing properly been to nurse to pack the wound it heals so I think few weeks later I have then like pin pick opening weeping then they get bigger. I keep them clean and dry as best I can as my tummy hangs over it. Can I ask for help to have this o er hang removed.
You can ask, but whether it's the best thing to do, or whether your wish will be granted is another thing.Removing the overhang involves surgery. Doing surgery while there is a possible infection in the wound healing may not be advisable. The non-healing suggests possible infection.At some point, surgery may be advisable to correct the overhang.The best way to know would be to see a knowledgable surgeon to examine you and decide the best treatment. Best wishes.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have been on three causes of antibiotics. Should I see my doctor will he beable to refer me to see a surgeon?
Antibiotics won't necessarily heal a wound infection. It's local, and requires cleansing measures and time.Your doctor can refer you to see a surgeon. He/she may or may not think it's a good idea.
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