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I came off bendroflumethiazide and felodipine 2/3 wks ago after

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I came off bendroflumethiazide and felodipine 2/3 wks ago after having been on them since 2000 after major bowel cancer surgery in 1999. my BP varies between 130/144 over 65/80 since I stopped meds. I test myself at home. I am 70 yrs of age. take supplements and take care of myself with alternative remedies. I feel quite lethargic and lack of energy.
Hello from JustAnswer. This level of blood pressure is not an issue and clearly would not be causing lethargy and lack of energy. So, it would be appropriate to be looking for other causes of these symptoms. There are many different possible cause of lethargy and poor energy. How long have you been having the lethargy and poor energy?Have you had any evaluation for these symptoms?Are you having any associated symptoms?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
yes family stress due to my father,s demise two yrs ago and I am now on the Farm, lawyers etc not completed.. Also I am an Orthopaedic, Remedial Therapist working two days a week with clients. Had a bad fall last year from which I am still recovering from. I would say emotional stress?
Thank you for the additional information. It certainly is true that significant emotional stress can cause lethargy and poor energy. However, there is no test that can prove that the lethargy and poor energy is due to the stress. If the lethargy and poor energy are worse on days of greater stress, that would also support that the stress is the cause of the symptoms. Similarly, if the stress is relieved and the symptoms improve, that would also strongly support that the stress is causing the symptoms, but it is frequently not easy to alleviate the source of stress. Otherwise, the usual approach would be to exclude other possible causes of the lethargy and poor energy. In someone with no symptoms that reference a specific organ, the usual first step would be to consider various metabolic causes of the lethargy and poor energy. In someone that used to take a thiazide blood pressure medicine, it would be a concern that electrolyte levels may be abnormal, particularly the potassium or magnesium levels. At this point, the usual next step would be an assessment for potential underlying causes of the lethargy and poor energy. A general chemistry profile, blood count, and thyroid profile are usually done, but a magnesium level should also be checked. (The potassium is included in the general chemistry profile, but the magnesium is not.) If I can provide any additional information, please let me know.
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