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I am an 82 year old male with a history of bladder stones and

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I am an 82 year old male with a history of bladder stones and I have had bladder stones surgically removed and several Lithotripsy procedures (the last of these being in August 2015). I saw my GP today due to discomfort in the bladder area, I took a urine sample with me which showed the GP that there was some blood in it. My GP took some blood for analysis and checked my temperature and pulse. I am to return next Monday for the results of the blood tests but in the meantime I have been given a course of Trimethoprim 200mg tablets. I am now experiencing loose bowels which I suspect are a side effect of the antibiotics but I am more concerned about the small amount of urine I am now passing. The GP spoke of the need for a catheter if I am unable to urinate, will this become necessary only when I am unable to urinate at all?
This is Dr. Davidyou should be taking a probiotic daily with your antibiotic to prevent loose stools and diarrhea from your trimethoprima foley urinary catheter usually is only needed if you are not able to pass any urine at should be trying to drink more water to flush out the stones and urinate more.bladder stones usually don't block all urine flow out of the penis.if you have an enlarged prostate gland, this can block all urine coming out of the penis as you have an enlarged prostate gland?have you tried to drink more fluids?
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