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I'm in the UK with the National Health system which is

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Hi, I'm in the UK with the National Health system which is becoming increasingly difficult to access when problems seem relatively minor. Seems a bit of a cheek to ask you! I'm 73, on one blood pressure and one statin daily. I suffer from an itching back in an inaccessible area between the shoulder blades, the discomfort degree to which fluctuates daily, sometimes becoming more pain than itch. Applying a topic creme doesn't help much. I have temporarily (3 weeks) stopped the statin to eliminate a reaction but there has been no change. I am reluctant to stop my blood pressure pill without medical advice but I am beginning to think that I may be having a reaction to this pill. Could this be so? Thinking about it, I have had this itch periodically for maybe as long as I have been on this medication, it is just that it seems to have got worse in the last six months. Your comments could be useful in approaching my doctor for his diagnosis.
Sorry to be a bit long winded. Thanks anyway.
David RJ Hyde
Greetings.Welcome to the site.Well, first of all i would like to state that you need to get back on your statin medication and do not even think of coming off blood pressure medication since both of them do not cause such kind of itching. The risk of not taking these two medications with your underlying condition of high blood pressure and high lipid levels is far greater than the periodic relapsing itch which all you know could have been due to any other cause such as skin allergy to garments / contact dermatitis, etc So i will recommend that you do not remove any drug from your regime until you discuss this with your doctor.As of now for your itch you could use either benadryl syrup 1 teaspoonful at night for 5-7 days or 1 tablet cetrizine at night for 5 days, prvided either of these are available over the counter at a pharmacy and along with this apply calamine lotion twice a day , say morning and evening for 1 week and then see the results.Also avoid wearing woolen / acrylic/ other winter clothes directly in contact with naked skin, instead wear a layer of cotton clothing between woolen/acrylic / winter clothes to prevent such sort of itching.I hope this helps.Wish you all the best and speedy recovery.Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
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