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I am worried about my 85yr old mother. She suffers with oedema,

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I am worried about my 85yr old mother. She suffers with oedema, high blood pressure, diabetes irregular heart beat.She had been feeling unwell for few days feeling sick and dizzy head.She was actually vomiting by the 3rd day every time she ate or drank. Called 111 out on the 4th day to be told was a sickness bug.called gp again and was told she has inner ear infection. She was prescribed stemetil. All they have done is stopped the nausea. Mum has been in bed for two days. She cannot hold her head up because of dizziness. we took her temperature it was normal although she has high colour.Her feet are swollen and mottled colour, did mention this to g.p at time all was said no infection in feet. Mother also feels full of wind, although the wind and dizziness has been going on for long time.
Thanks for this questionI'm very sorry about thisAn inner ear infection can do this.However, she needs a more thorough heart workup to make sure everything is okayI recommend at least an EKG and blood work
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for reply, I keep thinking that she should have tests done on heart so don't know why doctors not looking into this.
Definitely. You are rightsometimes it is easy to ignore that stuff.she needs seen againplease don't forget a positive rating. I appreciate it
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