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Dr. Kaushik
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I have muscle pain all over my body which leaves me very fatigued

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I have muscle pain all over my body which leaves me very fatigued and I get muscle injuries doing the least little thing.
This has been going on for months but the last week it seems to be affecting my heart muscles as well.
I have been for a massage hoping this would help but while being massaged, I seemed to have lost a lot of feeling in my muscles.
I also have pins and needles in my hands and feet.
Any ideas what could be causing this
Greetings.Welcome to the site.Well, you clinical presentation of chronic muscle pain all over the body ( i.e is generalized body ache ) with fatigue and sensation of pins and needles in hands and feet most likely suggests Fibromyalgia, however similar clinical picture can also occur in Chronic fatigue syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes / glucose dysregulation, Thyroid dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, Neuropathy due to vitamin deficiency , etc, but fibromyalgia seems to be the most plausible explanation for these symptoms.I am sending you a link below , kindly go through it and see if your symptoms relate with those mentioned in the link. in order to exactly know which of these diagnoses is causing these symptoms, you shall have to discuss these diagnostic possibilities with your GP and seek referral for a Rheumatologist , a specialist in joints and muscles and get yourself physically examined and get the below mentioned tests done such as -- Blood sugar, Thyroid function test, myography, RA factor, Complete blood count with ESR, Serum uric acid, X rays or CT / MRI scan at the discretion of the specialist.The treatment will depend upon the confirmation of diagnosis and it will have to address multiple problems separately with use of medication, physiotherapy and counseling.I hope this helps and gives you some perspective into this problem so as to provide you some path to move into and also gives you hope for formidable recovery.Wish you all the best.Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
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