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I have an itch in my anal crease. Tiny area, far back, near

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I have an itch in my anal crease. Tiny area, far back, near the coccyx, not near the anus. Had it before Isn't a problem while standing, but starts irritating after I have been sitting for a while. Skin isn't broken and my wife can't see anything. Had it a bout 3 months ago and asked Chemist who recommended an anti fungal cream (Clotrimazole) which did seem to clear it up, however, this may have just been coincidence because it has come back in the last week or so and the cream isn't helping.
This is Dr. Davidantifungal treatments like creams and powders have to be used 1 week after the symptoms or rash goes away to make sure the fungus doesn't come backskin fungus like to grow in dark warm moist environments. and that area in some people can be dark and warm and moist if you have problems with perspiration and sweating in that area. what might be better than the clotrimazole cream would be an antifungal powder like nystatin powder which could fight fungus and also keep the area more fungal infections often will cause itching and will come back if you didn't use the antifungal cream or treatment long enough.I would try an antifungal powder twice a day and keep the area as dry as you have a GP doctor you can see who can look at the area as well and prescribe stronger antifungal treatments if needed?
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