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My girlfriend has been constantly coughing weeks. She

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My girlfriend has been constantly coughing for 8 weeks. She has had two courses of antibiotics and a chest x-Ray which showed nothing untoward. She has been off work for four weeks but is no longer getting any treatment. Whenever I go to her home I also end up with almost asthma like symptoms which stop once I get home. She has switched off all perfume sprays etc, but to no avail. We are at our wits end to discover what the problem is.
Hello from JustAnswer.Does she have any associated symptoms?Has she been tried on a steroid inhaler, such as the Beconase?Has she tried an antihistamine?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Only symptoms are the coughing which comes and goes in waves. Worse at night and early morning.
She has had neither Beconase or antihistamine. I was given Beconase which cleared up my cough, but as I said, whenever I go to her house, after about four hours I become breathless and start coughing, yet perfectly well at home. We've checked all the normal associates such as carbon monoxide etc. Gas fire checked and all air perfumes switched off.
There are two common issues that may be present. It may be that she is having allergic or irritant inflammation of the airways. There are many substances that can cause allergy or irritation of the airways that cannot be easily tested for in the environment. There also are certain substances that is relatively ubiquitous to which some people are sensitive, such as a dust mite allergy. The other common cause of a chronic cough is from acid reflux, which also causes an irritation of the airways, but is unique since it arises from within the body. It is also common for acid reflux to get worse during the night while lying down, so that the cough is worse during the night and the morning. The fact that you also get coughing in her home, though, is strongly suggestive that her problem is from an allergic or irritation inflammation. A steroid inhaler is a common treatment for this problem and is generally quite effective, as it has been for you. However, there is no steroid inhaler that is available over the counter. The best that can be done over the counter for an allergic or irritation bronchitis would be an oral antihistamine, and if she has not yet tried this, it would be reasonable to do so. If an oral antihistamine is not helpful, then it would be appropriate for her to discuss a steroid inhaler with her doctor. If symptoms are persistent, then it may help to see an Allergist for testing, rather than testing the environment. There are over the counter medicines for acid reflux, such as ranitidine or omeprazole, but it would be appropriate to first address the allergic or irritation bronchitis, since it is more likely. If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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