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I was diagnosed as having a fatty liver last summer, and had

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I was diagnosed as having a fatty liver last summer, and had normal blood tests in September, and my gp told me it was the simple fatty liver and could be reversed.
In the last six months I have gone through a huge amount of personal stress, and over the past 2 months stopped being careful with what I'm eating and have gained a bit of weight. I'm now extremely worried that I've made my liver worse with this short spell of eating very rich foods and less exexcise.
What is the likelihood that I would progress to NASH or beyond that? Thank you.
Thank you for your question, fatty liver progressiing to NASH or liver failure occurs in very small number of people. You have to cut short your fatty diet and try to exercise as much as you can to help reduce the chances of progression.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. Over the past couple of weeks I have had a feeling of fullness in my right side - which I had a few months ago aswell. I also think I might suffer from IBS or similar, as i have had trapped wind symptoms for over a year. Could this contribute to the full, trapped wind feeling on my right side? I'm worried it's all to do with my liver. I also feel like muscles are strained in my back on that side - I can feel them when I move.
These symptoms are all quite mild, it's just the worrying about them. I Googled it and of course all the worst case scenarios came up for right side & back pain....liver fibrosis, cirrhosis etc. . Could it be several things all concentrated on that side of my body? Hope that makes sense!
Thank you
If your liver scan did not showed anything else except fatty live then you do not need to worry over fibrosis and cirrhosis as these are well picked on ultrasound test.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok, that's reassuring. I guess what I need to know is - does it take years to progress further? I'm hoping that since I've probably not had it for long and am still relatively young, I can reverse it with a healthy diet and exercise. Thanks .
yes, it is 100% reversible in early stages. Best of luck.