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I have Crohn's disease and IBS and my Crohn's is currently

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I have Crohn's disease and IBS and my Crohn's is currently flaring. I have been taking tramadol or morphine for the pain which makes me constipated and I currently have what I believe to be a stool stuck across my anus by that I mean it feels like it has gone across the hole and is trying to go forward instead of down and out. I am still passing liquid stools but get very hot and sweaty at times and have a headache. I have an appointment with a gp on Thursday but should I wait that long? Is there anything I can try myself to move it? I try pushing it back from outside but to no effect. I have taken laxido and am drinking lots of water.
Greetings.Welcome to the site.Well, if there is an impacted stool inside the anal canal then you should try not to forcibly remove the stool as it may cause a tear or fissure in the anal wall which may lead to pain and even bleeding through rectum. So instead you shall go to emergency room and there you may be given an enema with / without use of diltiazem organogel for local application in the anus for relaxing the anal sphincter and this shall bring down the impacted stool and provide you the much needed relief from pain and discomfort.While you prepare to go to emergency you may try sitting in a hot water tub so as to allow the anal sphincter to relax and allow the stool to pass down. You see what happens is that due to impacted stool there is pain and the anal sphincter goes into spasm thus further closing down on the passage of already stuck up stool. Hence one needs to try to relax the anal sphincter which is in the form of ring either through hot water or using diltiazem or nifedipine organogel cream for local application inside the anus. So, kindly first try to use hot water to relax the anal sphincter which must be in spasm and if that does not work then you should go to emergency where most likely an enema will be used to bring down the stool.I hope this helps.Wish you all the best.Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
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