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Dr. Kaushik
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I had severe pain under my arm a year and half ago

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I had severe pain under my arm a year and half ago and my breast felt as if was on fire , I went to go but they said was nothing and it did go away. Since then I had infrequent wierd pains across same breast but again it went away. More recently I looked down in shower and could visably see a ridge just above my nipple and the nipple seems to be tilting now with sort of dots in the skin. Today I feel an achy pain , am I wasting my doctors time? I keep having these wierd things and I'm now certain something is wrong .kindest regards
Greetings.Welcome to the site.Well, such type of pain can alarm anyone and propel the person to seek doctor's consultation. Since this pain in this particular area has been troubling you on and off so you should get all your doubts about the same being something more serious ruled out by getting your breast physically examined for any sort of lesion or lump, assess and compare their contour , symmetry, shape, position of the nipple, change in color of the skin of the nipple and the breast, etc.Alongside this physical examination you may ask your doctor to get your mammography done provided the doctor feels the need for it after the physical examination, But if the examination does not lead to any significant finding then you may not go for mammography. Lastly, accept the doctor's decision when he says there is nothing abnormal and with that it would mean that the on and off pain that you have been enduring is more a psychosomatic pain that is pain which is psychological in origin occurring owing to extreme stress within mind about getting a serious / life threatening illness of the breast. Your mental stress transpires into physical symptom such as pain in and around the same region where it happened for the first time. All you know the first time when you had severe pain it could have been a neuro-muscular type pain since nothing could be found by the doctors then.I hope this helps you to get some insight into what you are supposed to do and how to cope with this situation.Wish you all the best. Please refrain yourself from jumping to hasty conclusions about your health since they add more to your underlying stress and evoke a sense of dread and panic.Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok thank you , much appreciated
Wish you all the best. If you found this useful then kindly please leave a POSITIVE RATING so that i can be credited for my service.Warm regards
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