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Dr Uzair
Dr Uzair, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MBBS, FCPS (R) General Surgery. Years of experience in Emergency Medicine.
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10 days ago playing tennis I'm pretty sure I felt a groin

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Hi, 10 days ago playing tennis I'm pretty sure I felt a groin pull during a protracted rally but not painful enough to stop playing though. The next day I could feel a dull ache around the right leg groin area and this has slowly gotten worse but taking 2 x 200mg ibuprofen a couple of times daily has made it okay. But for the last 3 nights the pain has gotten worse and is keeping me awake for long periods during the night so yesterday I tried to get an appointment with my doctor and the earliest I can see him is next Monday. Obviously I am up now because the pain has woken me again with an aching down from the groin and I am wondering what stronger painkillers I can use. Strangely during the day the pain is much less when I'm moving around and I have been doing usual household job etc but now I'm thinking if I am making it worse by lifting etc. I feel sure it isn't a hernia as there are no lumps or bumps around the groin and I did have a hernia repair a number of years ago. This not sleeping at night is getting me down and I'm not sure if I should go to A and E because I really cannot last until next Monday to see my doctor.
I am a fit 65 year old male, not over weight and have been lucky enough to hardly ever see my doctor. I would appreciate your thoughts very much.
Regards ***** *****
Hi and thanks for the query. If this is the same side as that of the hernia repair, then there might have been some tearing in the scar tissue causing the pain. Although most likely is an inguinal ligament injury or a pulled abdominal muscle like the external oblique which makes part of the inguinal ligament. If the 400mg Ibuprofen twice a day is not helping then I would suggest that you apply Ibuprofen liquigel on the painful area four times a day and keep it wrapped in an ace bandage. You can also start on a stronger analgesic like Aleve 500 mg twice a day, stop taking Ibuprofen and alternate the Aleve with 2 tablets of tylenol in between. I would suggest that you take these medication 20 minutes after you have had anything to eat to limit their effects on the stomach lining.Hope this helps.Please do leave a positive rating for the service.Regards.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Many thanks for your response Doctor.May I ask, is Aleve500mg available over the counter and the same regarding Tylenol. You say wrap in an ace bandage, I did try some elasticated bandage but I found it would not stay up as the aching is at the groin joint area.
Thanks for the reply.Yes, both of them are over the counter medication.I understand that it is difficult to keep the elasticated bandage in place as the area is a difficult one, but try to wrap it around the thigh and go up on the waist, put tape on all the edges or wear an under garment that is firm enough to prevent the bandage from dislodging.Please do rate the service to compensate me for the time and effort.Best wishes.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Dr Uzair, I have rated you and compensated you for your time and effort already. Unfortunately I was unable to purchase the medicines you suggested as they are not available here in the UK, I just presumed you were from the UK but I think you are not now, I stupidly should have inquired first of your location. Even though I couldn't buy the painkillers it was reassuring to me to at least have your medical opinion in my hour of need.
With regards
Francis Sandall
I'm sorry about that.But I'm glad the medical advice helped you.Aleve is a brand name for Naproxen Sodium (Generic) and Tylenol is acetaminophen.Regards,Dr Uzair.