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If have polar disorder but have not been off work

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If have bi polar disorder but have not been off work for many years a new employer is asking have you attended a doctor for other than minor ailments in the last five years - I have seen my doctor for repeat prescriptions only and blood tests re bi polar only - what is the most I need to disclose - the same employer will write to my doctor for a general health report on me - what is the minimum I can say . thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Greetings.Welcome to the site.Please kindly tell if you have been completely asymptomatic and 100 % productive since past 5 years ?Do you have a clean record in documentation of not taking any leave owing to your underlying condition or treatment ?Are your colleagues aware of your underlying bipolar disorder and treatment ?Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, completely asymptomatic for all practical purposes for the last five years and totally productive - yes no leave taken for underlying condition - last time off was 5 days in 2013 for different problem - no time off since - fully clean record in documentation. No colleagues or any one but my doctor is aware of my bi polar condition and I have no treatment for it but pills - I was last in hospital for it in 1980. My doctor even tried even to get me a new job so I believe must think me fit for it. I don't consider the condition to have been treated as anything other than a minor one since 1980 and to be a minor ailment.
Well, after reading your reply it is clear that you have been a high functioning person and the condition of bipolar disorder is well under control, so it is my honest opinion to you that you mention this to your employer that you have been on treatment for this condition but the illness has been dormant since several years, the proof of which can be obtained from the doctor if at all the employer sees the need for it which I don't think will be the case..So do not hide anything but mention it unapologetically, since keeping this discreet may backfire if the employer gets to know about it from your doctor or any other source which invariably will put you in a tight spot, so please do not feel embarrassed or reluctant in mentioning your illness history. I hope is makes sense. Wish you all the best. Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer. Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Please say what is my doctor obliged to say in a general enquiry from an employer - I am not going to say that I am bi polar to any employer because I will not keep the job and be rubbished - I need to know what a doctor is obliged to say and in what terms given the low level of my condition - On the form I have to fill in - before I can see my doctor- I have the option of putting seeing him in the last 5 years (which has just been for repeat prescriptions, down as "under minor ailments") - in my judgement any mention of depression and definitely bi polar with mean I can't work again anywhere where I live. Thank you for your views so far.
I can sense and share your concerns about this whole situation as i very well understand that you are extremely converned and cautious about this impending health enquiry.I will tell you what you can expect from a doctor who is asked about an employee's health record or / and health enquiry by an employer but it really boils down to how well the doctor can be subtle in his expression of health details and how well the employer perceives and shares the health details.You may not mention about your Bipolar History but the doctor will have to mention the same in Past Medical History even though now for several years you have been symptom free, he may also mention the Drug History mentioning the drugs that you have been taking. However, the doctor must underline the fact that the said person is totally symptom free and in Euthymic state since past n number of years thereby making a case for the employee to retain his / her job..So below i am mentioning what i as a clinician and reviewing doctor would have mentioned if such an enquiry was made and this sort of practice is generally followed almost everywhere.Patient X is a known case of BPAD ( Bipolar Affective Disorder) since N number of years and on Treatment for the same. He / she is Asymptomatic since past n numbr of years and is maintaining and tolerating drugs well. His Insight is intact and His her GAF ( Global Assessment of Functioning) score is 91-100. It is this GAF score that will bail you out in terms of retaining your job and making your employer know that you are perfectly alright. So, the doctor must mention this.Kindly see the link below about GAF. do not discount the fact that this will be an official enquiry and the doctor is morally and ethically bound to furnish the exact medical details in an unbiased manner, but please do not be negative about all of this because if you have been symptom free all these years then i do not think the employer will see it as a case against you as there are so many high flying professionals and business executives who are bipolar and highly successful in carrying out their work commitments. So you should be assessed based on your work commitment and productivity and not based on your underlying condition which is well under control. So relax and do not jump to hasty conclusions and let the enquiry take place, hopefully nothing negative will come out as an outcome. I hope is makes sense.Wish you all the best.Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
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